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Why Stay Away
Why Stay Away
In April of 1996, the FDA confiscated James Davidson's so-called cancer machine.  It was held together by gray duct tape.  He charged people thousands of dollars to receive his bogus treatment and NOT ONE IS ALIVE TODAY.  But the relatives of these people are alive and very able to talk.  If you are seeking information on his Mexican Clinic, please contact me.  Do not pay him $20,000 to only have him provide you with false hope.  He preys on the emotions of the terminally ill, and their families.  

His website, recently added a news icon.  The icon was only there for a few days as he illegally posted a Philly News article which referenced a new cancer treatment associated with the M.D. Anderson Medical Center.  He was trying to portray his "treatment" as being the same as what M.D. Anderson is researching.  THIS IS A LIE.  The reporter had the article pulled from Davidson's website.  If you saw the article, DO NOT believe that the Mexico Clinic is associated with M.D. Anderson.  IT IS NOT!

I speak from experience as my Dad died 5 years ago after paying Davidson to cure his cancer.  Davidson told my Dad, my Mother, and myself that my Dad's cancer was gone.  He died two months later from cancer.  Davidson is NOT a doctor, he has NO MEDICAL background.  In fact the only background we are sure of is a CRIMINAL background.    You may learn more about his criminal past at

You may contact me at